Falasttini 'Kohh' (2018)

dir. Dina Mohammad Saleh

NYU Abu Dhabi

With every bombshell that falls on Gaza, an amputee doctor is forced to face her phantom pain while treating her belligerent Palestinian patient.

Burning Money (2017)

dir. Wendy Bednarz

Vivamus Pictures

Burning Money is a documentary feature shot in Singapore’s Chinese community, explores the thousand years plus tradition of burning paper money and facsimiles of everyday objects in order to deliver a happy life in the hereafter. 

Beyond the Halal (2018)

dir. Karma Gurung

NYU Abu Dhabi

A coddled first-generation Pakistani boy finds comfort in the world of gaming, cosplay and snapchat filters to express his sexuality in the United Arab Emirates. This short documentary provides a rare glimpse into Emirati youth subcultures and a middle-class expatriate family living just a stone's throw away from the glitz of Dubai.